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Great things are coming up in 2020 for Kazan 🤘

First of all, we will participate with great pleasure in the third edition of the OUTCH Extreme Metal Festival on Friday, May 08th at "la niche du chien à plumes" near Langres in Haute-Marne. We will meet Gorod / Stake / Point Mort and the Dijon-based NahBoM.

All the information can be found on the festival website:

Several other dates are being booked, more info to come !


 Hey, we are not dead ! After a break of several years to take care of our tribe which has grown well (6 children were born since 2013 and two others will arrive soon), Kazan is back !

We played recently forthe 40th birthday party of Steve, our bassist, and participated in FestCriCaves # 2 in Angers (thank you to Cri des Caves for the invitation) and are motivated to restart the machine.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to have concert plans for us! 


Last show before the world end tonight :

See you on 2013 for nexts gigs !


 Hi Folks, 

Still a few gigs to end 2011. We're already booking for 2012, so feel free to contact us : contact (at)
Still hot : Interview by Scream your lungs out, Videos here and more news over there

Take care.


 Hi folks ! 

we'll be on the road again this fall, so if you want us to play anywhere, just drop us a mail on contact[at]kazan-band[dot]com 

Available dates are the followings : 

 18/19 novembre 
25/26 novembre 
2/3 décembre 
9/10 décembre 

Thanks for your help and take care.



Next gigs :
- 02/05/11 @ Montaigu (Foyer des Jeunes) with Sofy Major, Chère Catastrophe, Membrane et Gasmask Terror
- 02/06/11 @ Paris (Café de Paris) with im, John & Jason, The Skeletonz et Royal McBee Corp.
- 03/12/11 @Blanzy (Le Coquillage) with Mr Protector
- 03/19/11 @Bienne (Swiss) with The Boring




Our LP "Maslow 0" is available at MusicFearSatan.

Thinks about it for your next purchase !


Post-tour update : pics and vids !

We should have "Maslow 0" LP next week ! So they will be available at the end of the month, after we get back inserts. 


Hi folks,

we're back from our tour in Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy with our lovers from You Fail ! As usual, it's been a blast and we'd like to sincerly thanks all the people we met on the road. You'll find some pics here soon.

Next gig : support for Iron Maiden's 1st singer Paul Di'Anno on May 8th. We're really happy to make this Heavy-Metal show ! 

Maslow 0 vinyls will be available really soon, stay tuned. Concering cd's and t-shirts we only have a few left, so get in touch soon if you want anything before it disappears forever. 

Take care.


Hi there !

Our debut album is now available. You can download it for free here !

Feel free to share it with your friends and to spread the word on your page ;)

Take Care.


Our album, Maslow 0 we'll be out in a few days. From now, it can be listened on Webzine de la scène Bourguignonne.

We'll start gigs again this week-end, and we're planning a tour in April trough Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy with our fellas from You Fail! Can't wait !

So here is our new website, hope you'll enjoy it ! For facebook-addicts, we know have a page for all the people who are sick of being our fake-myspace-friends and who wants now to be our fake-facebook-friends :)

See ya !!!


Januray 5th 2010

Our debut album (cd and lp), called "Maslow 0",will be out in a few weeks on Orchidscent, Maloka, Monkey Cookie, Dream comes true, Emotionnaly unstable, Octarine, We told you to play fast and Impure muzik ! Can't wait ! We'll post some new songs in a few days and we'll start gigs again all year long, with a new eurotour in April. Stay tuned for fresh sound soon !

September 14th 2009

Hey there ! We're not dead yet ! Actually we're mixing our fist LP, recorded this summer in our practice room. It should be released before the end of this year, hopefully. Starting gigs again soon, can't wait to hit the road again. Take care.

March 2nd 2009

You can download our split cd with After Taste here. Feel free to share it with your friends ! Take care.

3rd January 2009

Stop partying and go back to work ! We're about to release a split tape with beloved Downfall of Gaïa, german epic-doomy-crusty band from Germany, on Sengaja Rec. (Koln). Artwork here. A totally diy videoclip for our song Vide de sens here.. Lots of projects for 2009, lots of gigs and maybe a first LP if we find the power in our hearts. Happy new year?

29th september 2008

Here it is ! at last ! Our split cd with After Taste is available on Radical Dreamers, Orchidscent and Dream comes true. Many thanks to them ! We're looking for labels interested in releasing it abroad, so if you want to, contact us ! You'll also find this split on our gigs or by sending us a mail.

Take care.

26th August 2008

We're back from tour ! without our car which has passed away in Latvia. We have a lot of things to sell on our Merch page if you want to support us buying a tee, a button or a cd.

Our split cd with After Taste is about to be released in the next few weeks. You can listen it on our myspace and on After taste's page. You can also donload a new song here : Média.

No more car = no more gigs for the moment. See ya !

26th June 2008

Hi everyone,

As usual we start by thanking people who organised shows for us these last weeks and with whom we had a great time in Erstein, Clamecy, Liège, Tilburg, Neunkirchen and Saint-Etienne.

Our split cd with After Taste is being mixed ! Released on radikal dreamer, Orchidscent and probably Dream comes true this summer. We'll also have a song on "Pio Sampler #5", a cd made by our friends from PO.Box, which will be sold for 1euro during their and our summer tour in East Europe and Russia. Many thanks to them.

We'll play a benefit show for the Centre Culturel Libertaire de Lille, in Paris, july 19th.

Summer tour is coming. we can't wait to go to Slowaquia, Poland, Lituania, Latvia, estonia and Germany with our friends from The Boring. Come and check us there :) we'll have a great time !

See ya !

9th April 2008

Sorry for the lack of news since months and months.

We've done a lot of gigs since November, thanks to all the people who have organised shows, hosted us in their sweet home, especially guys in Spain (Getaria crew, Txarmen in Santander, guys from Bilbao).

Lots of other gigs are coming : we're happy to go to Belgium and Netherlands in ay for the first time with our friends from Aker. We'll also tour Europe this summer once more (a bliss). Come catch us there !

We've been invited on a split LP with the nice german guys from Toxic Nation. Thanks a lot to Tim for this ! It will be released in June on some cool DIY labels : Threat of Today Records (Hamburg/Germany), Sengaja Records (Cologne/Germany), Codex Records (Slowakia), Antikörper Export Oldenburg/Germany), Troskot Records (Bulgaria). We'll probably put our old songs on this LP, cause they've not been released yet.

Our other split with After Taste will be mixed in June and probably released in September.

Have a good day and take care.

November 29th, 2007

Due to last-minute cancellation , we'll be performing tonight at Les Passagers du Zinc in Besançon with Tea party under a death drone glance, and tomorrow at Footloose Fest in Freiburg (DE) , with Hiro and many more. Many thanks to the people who set up these shows !

October 25th, 2007

Many thanks to all the people who have shown up last Tuesday, and above all thanks to Olive and Tackleberry. We've had so much fun with you guys so hope to meet you again asap.

We're planning to tour Spain in early March 2008, so if you spannish friends can help us find gigs, don't hesitate to contact us. It'll be a pleasure !

October 10th, 2007

Next gig : October 23rd with Tackleberry and DJ Eurodance at Les Tanneries (Dijon).

October 2nd, 2007

radical dreamers invites us on their board.

October 1st, 2007

Welcome to our brand new website, born after 2 years of lazyness.
If you didn't know it yet, we've come back from our great summer-eastern-Europe tour (France, Germany, Poland, Lituania, Latvia, Czech Republic and Switzerland) which has been a really awesome trip for us and our friends from After Taste. An english-speaking tour report will be online very soon ! We'd like to thank once more all the amazingly-kind people we've met during these 2 weeks. We love you all and hope to come back as soon as possible :)
For the moment, no gigs are planned cause we're still recording our split CD with After Taste (to be released on early 2008 on radical dreamers). But we'd like to go back on the road in November, so if you want us to come to you, just mail us !
You still can freely download and share our 1st demo, available on "Media" page or via Jamendo.
We'll try to keep this website alive, often givin' some news. So stay tuned. Take care.